Sophia Alliance

Support and tools for healers and helpers

who are ready to bring their work to the

world in a bigger way.


Join a talented and inspired group of like-minded people under the powerful mentorship of Dr. Kate Siner. The Sophia Alliance is a monthly membership program for healers, helpers, practitioners, and therapists where you can get the ongoing guidance and the tools you need to see your work thrive.

Helping you make the difference you were born to make.

Why Join the Sophia Alliance?

Are you a healer, practitioner, coach, or therapist who could use some more support so that both you and your work can thrive?

Perhaps you need to get your business rolling, but you're unclear what the precise steps are to make it work? Or, how to make it sustainable and financially profitable?

Maybe you have questions about how to handle difficult situations with clients?

Or, maybe your biggest obstacle is you—and you need some support in shifting something within, so that you can do the work you love in a way that is truly sustainable?

Join my new Sophia Alliance Membership Program for ongoing community support for you and your work, so that you can continue to develop yourself, refine your offers, and reach a broader audience with your gifts.

The Sophia Alliance Membership Program Also Includes:

Monthly Live Calls

Each month you will have an opportunity to join a live supervision call where you can ask questions about any aspect of your practice and get one-on-one support.

Audio and Video Library

Hours of content designed specifically for practitioners who are looking to take their work to the next level.

Private Facebook Group

A private members only Facebook page for ongoing connection with peers and a forum to get your questions answered in real time.

Business Development Templates and Worksheets

Direct access to my templates and worksheets designed to give you everything you need to develop the business side of your work.

Special Membership Only Live and Recorded Workshops and Classes

Membership only workshops and videos to help you grow all aspects of your work.

Support and Solidarity

Connect with like-minded people, build your network, and get the support you need to step into your greatness.

What People Are Saying

Rachel Fields, MA

"Before I started working with Kate I felt unfulfilled and unable to create the life I believed was possible.  Working with Kate has helped me see both what I want and how to get there. I’m excited to finally be crafting a life of meaning and purpose.

I’m grateful that I’m finally getting clear on both my vision for my life and the steps I need to take to get there. I am most grateful for Kate’s capacity to see right to the heart of things. It’s helping me change my life to be exactly what I want."

Britt Lynn, NV

"I wanted to write and thank you personally for offering this course. This self-inquiry/wisdom based method of learning about my unique gifts and talents has been such a massive shift in my life.

Thank you so much, I'm so excited at what this wisdom will uncover and bring for me in the days, weeks and years to come. This has—most assuredly—changed my life in a way I desperately needed. So much seems more clear now. Opportunities are falling from the sky." 

About Kate

Since she read her first books on psychology and spirituality at age fifteen, Dr. Kate Siner has dedicated her life to understanding how people evolve and learning how she can best create positive transformation in their lives. A lifelong student of healing, Dr. Kate’s passion is helping you transcend what holds you back, so you can embrace and become who you aspire to be.

Her diverse knowledge, skill set, and expertise in myriad healing modalities allows Dr. Kate to craft an approach that is precisely what you need, when you need it—her work can become an invaluable resource in your personal development toolkit.

With a PhD in Psychology and over two decades of experience and training married to a rich personal story, Dr. Kate Siner is the perfect combination of accredited book smarts and “real life” learning. She has facilitated transformation and healing for thousands of people around the world.

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*This is a membership program that can be cancelled at any time. Please allow us 7 days to process your cancellation.